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com'n get up

word. so i actually did some things today. i watched survivor this morning. poor elisabeth! then amber called and we the bank! and we finally mailed that ebay stuff!!!!! phew! then and i couldn't get rid of my shift so i still have to work tonight then to wash the car. oh and i picked up a tape. then i went for a tan because i don't give a damn about looking old or getting skin cancer. it's fact of life: people look better when they're tanned. not that i really TAN persay, i turn pink but it's better than nothin. THEN i get this mass message from glenn saying something crazy about weezer and it better not be a lie because it got me super excited cause that's when i'm there!!!!!!!!!!! and it's be rad if i could see weezer and u2 in one trip! hoo haw. if not i'll cry and cry and cry. so if anyones getting tickets you better fuckin get me one or i'll strangle you all.
then i went to the shop now i'm here and i have to miss dance tonight cause of gay work. then joss is having people but i dunno if i'm gunna go cause...i don't know them very well.
that's my day. i still want to watch moonwalker
i should throw that on. hmm...
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