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what am i doing?

so i thought my clock said 10:30...or maybe it does and it's wrong i dunno. andi was like "crap" (that's what i screamed ahah) cause i don't like sleeping past 10 anymore cause HI! i'm a big loser. but it ACTUALLY said like 8 something. so now i'm all dressed and everything. and just sitting here. nice. i had a terrible dream last night. i hate hate hate those dreams when you're being chased but nothing on your body seems to work. like you can't move or you can't make yourself run any faster. or you can't punch anyone. it's like your arms weigh a bazillion pounds. well last night i dunno even what the dream was about. but we were playing records and that was neat. but then like someone raped someone i dunno. and i was being chased and i couldn't get the door open!!! YIKES!! then i woke up or it stopped or i changed brain channel. anyway it was weird.
last night some guys were yelling at us and we like that cause it's fun to yell at people from down the street or from your car where you're safe but they were DINKS!! and we got so so so so mad! like they're just yelling hi and we yell hi back and then they go "you guys want oral sex?" WHAT?!?!?!?!? who asks people that? so we got mad and yelled and then drove by and yelled some more.
and i had a hamburger and ashley had a hot dog when we left.
we laughed so so so hard it felt like we had been doing crunches all day!!! and crying crying crying especially when ashley head went into her ass!!! AHAHAH the mennonite hooch! and the stick hooch was giving us dirties on the dance floor. HOLLA!!!!!
oh man! my mom just made this hot cereal crap and it's nothing like the quaker man stuff. it tastes like nothing so i have to heep on the brown sugar.
uuhhh. i'm dumb. i just took a shift for a girl on thurdsday at 8:15 cause i want to take lots of money to T.O. but now i only one day off. i'm so stupid. oh well.
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