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wicky wicky wicky check it out girl

so last night we actually did something fun on our own!!! (as opposed to with a movie ahaha yes we hang out WITH the movie) me and amber went for a walk and played a little bit of the bench game. then we got mark and we wrote notes and left them on our friend's car.
i wrote a poem for cam that goes something like this...i think:
hey man,
you think you're cool
but i'm no fool
this isn't a joke
i hope you choke
you think you're rad
but now who's bad?

ahaha we're funny
then we went to the train bridge and it was scary at first but then it was good
mark had never been up there
then we found some things (aka road block, broken tv, shopping cart) to leave on landon's lawn
we also took a hubcap off the side of the road and amber dropped it off there after
funny stuff
so yeah we had a good time
then i tried calling jon but he musta been super tired cause he didn't answer the phone and i called twice.
i wanted to tell him about our night
that's ok though
that kid doesn't get enough sleep.
now i'm gunna hang out and wait for amber and cam to get home.
FUN! then go to work
EVEN MORE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i like music
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