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china love's Journal

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Wednesday, May 1st, 2002
1:27 am - awwwww
look at the picture that i had in this journal!!!

i forgot...

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Friday, May 11th, 2001
2:58 pm - word diggity
yesterday was awesome!!!!!!!!
kyla came overin the moring and we went for a bike ride/rollerblade (i was doing both) then we went to the mall to get my mom some expensive pants then we came home and played bball! and we were soooo outta practice. but it was fun
then i told her to get the fuck outta my house
and i went to dance and we finally finished the dance and it actually looks pretty good (this is the beginner one, i'm still sketchy on how the intermediate one is gunna turn out)
then i went to joss' to get his movie and him
and we got subs and came to my house to wait for amber
then amber got here and we started center stage
then we stopped it and went to the caanes ad 2000 something or other
anyway it's the best ads of 2000 and it was SO GOOD
some of the commercials were very impressive
like the filthy rich people one
and THE PEPSI ONE!!!!!!!!
and the get someone you hate to start smoking
then we came back to my house and finished the movie
then i drove joss home and we had hard boiled eggs and watched ED
then i came home
and so far today amber has come over and we played sidewalk chalk and we wrote about it being my bday soon all over the drive way
then we played bball too and we were SO GOOD
aaahahaha amber won 21...21 to 20! SO CLOSE
she just WON cause i burnt (burned?) my hand
we made cupcakes for joss' bday cause he's having a party tonight
they look a little retarded but we did our best
and then we watched a tiny bit of oprah
now i'm gunna hook up my stereo (amber went home cause she gots socca game!)
then go watch a girl do some syncro
cause i knew her when i was little and they're in town from calgary
then hopefully talk to jon before i go to the party cause i want to tell him how i've been doing fun things! outside too!!! NO SITTING!!!
NO WORK FOR 2 DAYS!!! IT'S BEEN SO AWESOME! IT'S SUMMER!!!!! i don't wanna go back tomorrow night. but i must cause i'm outta cash now. and that's scary cause i had lots. at least i have enough money for t.o. i wanted to take $800 though but 6 is alright maybe i'll get somemore. we'll see!!!!!!
i probably shouldn't have bought so many cd's
that's ok.
i want to make some tapes.


current mood: rejuvenated

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Wednesday, May 9th, 2001
10:04 am - wicky wicky wicky check it out girl
so last night we actually did something fun on our own!!! (as opposed to with a movie ahaha yes we hang out WITH the movie) me and amber went for a walk and played a little bit of the bench game. then we got mark and we wrote notes and left them on our friend's car.
i wrote a poem for cam that goes something like this...i think:
hey man,
you think you're cool
but i'm no fool
this isn't a joke
i hope you choke
you think you're rad
but now who's bad?

ahaha we're funny
then we went to the train bridge and it was scary at first but then it was good
mark had never been up there
then we found some things (aka road block, broken tv, shopping cart) to leave on landon's lawn
we also took a hubcap off the side of the road and amber dropped it off there after
funny stuff
so yeah we had a good time
then i tried calling jon but he musta been super tired cause he didn't answer the phone and i called twice.
i wanted to tell him about our night
that's ok though
that kid doesn't get enough sleep.
now i'm gunna hang out and wait for amber and cam to get home.
FUN! then go to work
EVEN MORE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i like music

current mood: awake

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10:03 am
sweet ricky j
rhyming twice with TWICE

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Monday, May 7th, 2001
11:04 am
hmm yesterday i worked all day and it wasn't too great. i dropped a lady's meal on her table for her. she liked that. actually she was super nice about it cause nothing hit the floor but i still felt incredibly stupid.
then i came home and showered and rolled all my big coin! bling bling. ahaha
then i went to joss' to watch popstars
i was waiting for ian to come home but he was taking too long so i just left him a message. then after popstars ian came over and the 3 of us watched billy elliot and it was cute!!!! and ian brought over 2gether cause joss had never seen it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!!!!! so OF COURSE! he had to see it. so we watched that. then we watched...umm...simpsons and i feel asleep. then we watched x-files. then i came home. i have to stop this writing in the journal in the morning. i don't like it.
now i have to go to work again. and someone said they wanted to do something tonight but i forget who it was. amber or ashley. oh well. i like them BOTH!
gotsta go.
later yo

current mood: indifferent

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Sunday, May 6th, 2001
1:56 am
look at that one mark!!!! SAMESIES!!!!!!!
i hate that

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1:55 am

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1:54 am - word is bond
found a dress for jon's grad
AWOL 1 GAVE ME 2 CD'S FOR $5!!! AND HE SIGNED MY POSTER! AND I TOOK A PICTURE WITH HIM!!! HE WAS COOL!!! AND SOOO GOOD! but the songs were cut short but oh well!!!!! SO GOOD
soooo tired.
rad time at the hippity hip hoop hoop hop

current mood: drained

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Saturday, May 5th, 2001
12:31 am - woah!
ok i am so tired so i will just give a quick run down of the last couple days so that i can remember them when i look back at my journal. last night was messed.
so on wednesday i...err...right i dunno
but then i went to work and it was very very very slow and i want to kill a girl there. her name is kristen.
on thursday i worked from 8 til about 3
then we went to chap's to watch survivor I WON!!!!!! $75! cause i was tina
then i fell asleep so i forgot to call amber back. then i drove ian home
then me and joss saw say it isn't so and it SUCKED!! very very very not funny. then joss showed me his office in the physics building in at the school and i saw an electron hit a box.
then we were talking and talking and talking and it was very interesting. then all of a sudden it was very late. and i went to leave and OH SHIT my car wouldn't start because something was wrong with the gas gauge and i guess i was all out of gas but it was telling me i had a quarter tank. so we decided to wait until morning to call my parents...which asn't far away because it was already super late. so we ate ice cream and walked around the school. then at 6:30 i called my house and i felt sick cause i was scared i knew they were gunna be very very mad and that i was in trouble. so i called and lucky for me my dad answered (he's nicer) he spazzed a bit but then came and brought gas and i had the car back to my mom before she had to leave for work. but with my survivor money i have to fill up the cars and my dad's jerry can. bye bye money.
then i came home (around 8am) and went to sleep.
my punishment from my mom (yes people that are turning 20 still get punished) was to vacuum the house but i think that was mostly cause she didn't want to.
so this morning i slept for 4 hours then got up and vacuumed and then picked amber up and we spent a good part of the night garage sale...ing.
and it was lots of fun. i like amber.
amber was sick and i was really tired and we were still fun
and i got a coupld records and some old books and some tapes and amber got a cd player for her car!!!! neat!!! and....some books too and a ninja turtle thing. i'm putting all this in here cause then amber can read it and be like "andy already put was i gunna say so i don't have to write one"
except about her survivor night cause it was a bit different then mine i think! ahaha
then we came back here and had burgers with my parents and their friends and then me ashley amber and mark went to brent's and me amber and ashley sat on the floor and drew on each then we went to mac's and me and ashley just walked home.
then end
i haven't talked to jon in a while. i've been crazy busy. but i miss him.

current mood: exhausted

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Tuesday, May 1st, 2001
4:23 pm

I GOT INTO U OF T! not like that's hard but still!!!! and a place in the UTM rez!!! ooooooooooo maybe someday i'll rock the rez look!
NAW!!!!!! ahahaha
but yeah i dunno if i'm going or what cause you know, don't QUITE have $9000 on me. but i'm working on it!

current mood: pleased

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9:25 am - what am i doing?
so i thought my clock said 10:30...or maybe it does and it's wrong i dunno. andi was like "crap" (that's what i screamed ahah) cause i don't like sleeping past 10 anymore cause HI! i'm a big loser. but it ACTUALLY said like 8 something. so now i'm all dressed and everything. and just sitting here. nice. i had a terrible dream last night. i hate hate hate those dreams when you're being chased but nothing on your body seems to work. like you can't move or you can't make yourself run any faster. or you can't punch anyone. it's like your arms weigh a bazillion pounds. well last night i dunno even what the dream was about. but we were playing records and that was neat. but then like someone raped someone i dunno. and i was being chased and i couldn't get the door open!!! YIKES!! then i woke up or it stopped or i changed brain channel. anyway it was weird.
last night some guys were yelling at us and we like that cause it's fun to yell at people from down the street or from your car where you're safe but they were DINKS!! and we got so so so so mad! like they're just yelling hi and we yell hi back and then they go "you guys want oral sex?" WHAT?!?!?!?!? who asks people that? so we got mad and yelled and then drove by and yelled some more.
and i had a hamburger and ashley had a hot dog when we left.
we laughed so so so hard it felt like we had been doing crunches all day!!! and crying crying crying especially when ashley head went into her ass!!! AHAHAH the mennonite hooch! and the stick hooch was giving us dirties on the dance floor. HOLLA!!!!!
oh man! my mom just made this hot cereal crap and it's nothing like the quaker man stuff. it tastes like nothing so i have to heep on the brown sugar.
uuhhh. i'm dumb. i just took a shift for a girl on thurdsday at 8:15 cause i want to take lots of money to T.O. but now i only one day off. i'm so stupid. oh well.

current mood: jubilant

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8:42 am - who's that girl?
ooooh man!!! we just had the funnest night!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAA! but i'm sooo tired.
so maybe i'll write about it tomorrow. on sunday night me and cam saw the forsaken and it was good except the stupid burning in the sun effects.
me and ashley and amber actually went to a bar tonight. and had a good time!!! just dancing! and making fun of people. and i spun ashley and she fell! her head went right into a fat girls ass! AHAHAHAH and i ran away and left her on the floor!!!! GAHH! and l grifsta kissed me on the cheek. and phil was there and he said give me extra stamps on my card when i come into HMV. and josh was fun. and we danced with this guy and he stood up for us twice!!! he was the coolest! and he was super big!!! a guy slapped ashley's ass and he made him apologize. we actually knew the guy. AND the "black" dude that was always coming into swimwear to talk to me asked him to help pick ALL THREE OF US up!!! and the big guy (adam) told him to get outta there! YAY!! he was soooo nice. and we were sooooo funny holy shit. and mel was there. and we danced SO much! woo! and i don't work til 5 tomorrow so i wanted to go out. and i'm really glad i went out cause before i didn't really want to go to that bar cause it's kinda a low end bar and there were some skeezy skeezy people in there WOO! like GROSS!!!!!!!
more tomorrow. night night

current mood: crazy

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Sunday, April 29th, 2001
9:19 am
yesterday i worked from 9-a little after 3 and it wasn't terrible. the best part was when we had a balck out for 30 min and got to tell people to leave because we couldn't cook their food. but then it came back on and that sucked. cause we were all just sitting and doing nothing cause nothing worked. then i went straight to dance from work and i was so so so wiped from work so i barely did anything. and i told megan that i had to miss 2 dress rehearsals and pictures cause i'll be in t dot. she was impressed. then i came home and showered and ate and went to see a choir that i used to be in and they were amazing! no one is older then 16 and they just sound crazy. and a girl from cambodia talked about banning landmines cause she lost her leg and he brother to landmines. it was interesting. i met a dude there. he was all by himself too. he was nice and through the whole night i was trying to guess his name in my head and i finally guessed jason and it was jeff so i was pretty close. and he's an artist. then i walked for a bit. then i came home and hung out. then went to bed. it was a good night! i had fun. now it's morning again and i have to go to work again. the tips were alright yesterday. came home with $50 in my pocket so that's ok. hopefully i can do better than that today. WE'LL SEE!! and i came up with a good idea for a video...i think. but i'll have to tell someone about it and see what they think first.
nose is running
gotta go

oh man! i had a dream last night and glenn and jon were in it! and glenn had a mini helicopter and we were coloring and then jon wlked by and didn't even look at us and we were like "wtf?"
then we built a pool
the end
everyone have a good day!

current mood: quixotic

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Saturday, April 28th, 2001
8:25 am
so, last night i went to work and it was ok because i ate a whole bunch of stuff. man, everyone was going crazy over my hair and this "new" top i was wearing (it's not new i wore it work all last summer and no one said anything!)
they were saying things like "wow what's with the whole new look?" WHOLE NEW LOOK??? curly hair???
my manager was like "you're looking sexy (he's gay so it's ok for him to say stuff like that) who are you trying to pick up?" WHAT????? NO ONE!
even the prep guy who's only been there for a week said something about how my hair looked "awesome" aaaaaaaaaaahahahaha so it was a strange night. then right after work me and ian went to joss' and it was fun. we just sat and we played some nintendo and i borrowed some good cd's cause joss has tons! and...then they started a movie and i came home but jon was alreay in bed so that was no good.
now i'm going back to work. notice the time. 8:25am. i hate work
have a good day y'all

current mood: rushed

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Friday, April 27th, 2001
4:30 pm - com'n get up
word. so i actually did some things today. i watched survivor this morning. poor elisabeth! then amber called and we went...err...to the bank! and we finally mailed that ebay stuff!!!!! phew! then to..work and i couldn't get rid of my shift so i still have to work tonight then to wash the car. oh and i picked up a tape. then i went for a tan because i don't give a damn about looking old or getting skin cancer. it's fact of life: people look better when they're tanned. not that i really TAN persay, i turn pink but it's better than nothin. THEN i get this mass message from glenn saying something crazy about weezer and it better not be a lie because it got me super excited cause that's when i'm there!!!!!!!!!!! and it's be rad if i could see weezer and u2 in one trip! hoo haw. if not i'll cry and cry and cry. so if anyones getting tickets you better fuckin get me one or i'll strangle you all.
then i went to the shop now i'm here and i have to miss dance tonight cause of gay work. then joss is having people but i dunno if i'm gunna go cause...i don't know them very well.
that's my day. i still want to watch moonwalker
i should throw that on. hmm...

current mood: horny

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12:55 am
i like books and music because then you can be someone else somewhere else.

current mood: cold

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12:34 am - OH!
OH! and our dance is going to SHIT! this is the beginner class but STILL!!!!!!! uhhh i'm embarassed to be in it! it looked like it was going ok all it needed was some whipping into shape (man some people can't even tap their foot to a song! it's fucking mind blowing! hi! i'm a dancing snob! ahahahaha) but now....i KNOW that it's gunna be no good! but everyone i know is still gunna come and watch it anyway (RIGHT MARK!) even mark who "doesn't like to watch cheerleaders" not that this is cheerleading
anyway, at least my other one is lookin ok. and they used the song that i picked so that's swell. but ERRR!!! nothin goes right anymore

yes yes y'all

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12:25 am - china love
i really really didn't want to go to work tonight but it wasn't so bad.
i had a grilled cheese sandwich and it wasn't very busy so that's good. but then my cash out was out $50 so i'm in trouble tomorrow! meh! what can ya do???
man i better do something interesting tomorrow or i'll go insane because i've seriously become the most boring person on earth who can never think of anyhting fun to do but eat and watch movies.
gaaah!!!!! i hate it!!!
maybe i'll watch moonwalker tomorrow, haven't seen that in a while. stupid work!!!!!
why is everything so fucking crappy???? what if this is my life?
if i had a million dollars what would i do?
shop! but that can be what i was meant to be! a shopper? or i'd....hmmm dunno. guess i'm meant to be nothing like the dude in the movie!!! now i must steal from the company.
oh! i could make epic's tape. but i kinda want to hear what he put on mine first so i get a better idea of what he likes. hmmm.
i'm such a loser

current mood: bored

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Thursday, April 26th, 2001
3:33 pm
soooo off to dance then to work cause i suck. what a sucky day. i just feel sucky even though it's kinda nice out and stuff. we just sat at kyla's and watched a movie and it was funny but for once i didn't feel like watching a movie. i saw kyla's africa pics and it just reinforced my feelings of not wanting to be here. not that i necessarily want to be in africa but i don't want to be here. but then what if i move somewhere and things are just as boring??? is that possible?????? i'm not sure. maybe i'm not trying hard enough here. i 'm going to put in a better effort
i got an email from epic today and he's gunna make me a tape and i'm gunna make him one and he said that i had good taste in music and then he asked if he can put a duran duran song on my tape!!! LIKE HE HAS TO ASK!!!! ahaha so....i'm happy about getting an interesting tape now. and that was about as exciting as my day got. fuck i don't wanna go to work. at least i get to dance. at least at least at least.

current mood: blah

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10:55 am
holy jesus!
that test was terrible!!!! and i studied!!! it was like i studied all the wrong stuff!!!!!!!!! how can you have an 80 in a class then fail the final??? shit. i'm screwed. i can't believe that test!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaahhhh. oh well i'll probably be over it in about 15 minutes. or 10! mmm ice cream.

current mood: disappointed

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