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china love

i really really didn't want to go to work tonight but it wasn't so bad.
i had a grilled cheese sandwich and it wasn't very busy so that's good. but then my cash out was out $50 so i'm in trouble tomorrow! meh! what can ya do???
man i better do something interesting tomorrow or i'll go insane because i've seriously become the most boring person on earth who can never think of anyhting fun to do but eat and watch movies.
gaaah!!!!! i hate it!!!
maybe i'll watch moonwalker tomorrow, haven't seen that in a while. stupid work!!!!!
why is everything so fucking crappy???? what if this is my life?
if i had a million dollars what would i do?
shop! but that can be what i was meant to be! a shopper? or i'd....hmmm dunno. guess i'm meant to be nothing like the dude in the movie!!! now i must steal from the company.
oh! i could make epic's tape. but i kinda want to hear what he put on mine first so i get a better idea of what he likes. hmmm.
i'm such a loser
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