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who's that girl?

ooooh man!!! we just had the funnest night!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAA! but i'm sooo tired.
so maybe i'll write about it tomorrow. on sunday night me and cam saw the forsaken and it was good except the stupid burning in the sun effects.
me and ashley and amber actually went to a bar tonight. and had a good time!!! just dancing! and making fun of people. and i spun ashley and she fell! her head went right into a fat girls ass! AHAHAHAH and i ran away and left her on the floor!!!! GAHH! and l grifsta kissed me on the cheek. and phil was there and he said give me extra stamps on my card when i come into HMV. and josh was fun. and we danced with this guy and he stood up for us twice!!! he was the coolest! and he was super big!!! a guy slapped ashley's ass and he made him apologize. we actually knew the guy. AND the "black" dude that was always coming into swimwear to talk to me asked him to help pick ALL THREE OF US up!!! and the big guy (adam) told him to get outta there! YAY!! he was soooo nice. and we were sooooo funny holy shit. and mel was there. and we danced SO much! woo! and i don't work til 5 tomorrow so i wanted to go out. and i'm really glad i went out cause before i didn't really want to go to that bar cause it's kinda a low end bar and there were some skeezy skeezy people in there WOO! like GROSS!!!!!!!
more tomorrow. night night
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