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ok i am so tired so i will just give a quick run down of the last couple days so that i can remember them when i look back at my journal. last night was messed.
so on wednesday i...err...right i dunno
but then i went to work and it was very very very slow and i want to kill a girl there. her name is kristen.
on thursday i worked from 8 til about 3
then we went to chap's to watch survivor I WON!!!!!! $75! cause i was tina
then i fell asleep so i forgot to call amber back. then i drove ian home
then me and joss saw say it isn't so and it SUCKED!! very very very not funny. then joss showed me his office in the physics building in at the school and i saw an electron hit a box.
then we were talking and talking and talking and it was very interesting. then all of a sudden it was very late. and i went to leave and OH SHIT my car wouldn't start because something was wrong with the gas gauge and i guess i was all out of gas but it was telling me i had a quarter tank. so we decided to wait until morning to call my parents...which asn't far away because it was already super late. so we ate ice cream and walked around the school. then at 6:30 i called my house and i felt sick cause i was scared i knew they were gunna be very very mad and that i was in trouble. so i called and lucky for me my dad answered (he's nicer) he spazzed a bit but then came and brought gas and i had the car back to my mom before she had to leave for work. but with my survivor money i have to fill up the cars and my dad's jerry can. bye bye money.
then i came home (around 8am) and went to sleep.
my punishment from my mom (yes people that are turning 20 still get punished) was to vacuum the house but i think that was mostly cause she didn't want to.
so this morning i slept for 4 hours then got up and vacuumed and then picked amber up and we spent a good part of the night garage
and it was lots of fun. i like amber.
amber was sick and i was really tired and we were still fun
and i got a coupld records and some old books and some tapes and amber got a cd player for her car!!!! neat!!! and....some books too and a ninja turtle thing. i'm putting all this in here cause then amber can read it and be like "andy already put was i gunna say so i don't have to write one"
except about her survivor night cause it was a bit different then mine i think! ahaha
then we came back here and had burgers with my parents and their friends and then me ashley amber and mark went to brent's and me amber and ashley sat on the floor and drew on each then we went to mac's and me and ashley just walked home.
then end
i haven't talked to jon in a while. i've been crazy busy. but i miss him.
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